Buy the Best Smartphone for Smart Use

The past few years has seen the launch of different models of smartphones from top notch brands. Also, several new and interesting brands have also been launched that has created a substantial market base for itself with its stunning range of smart phone models. Out of the many brands that reached new heights with its innovative and exceptional features in smart phones, LG and Lenovo are quite popular. These brands are known to have come up with high end smart phone models that provided a new definition to old features and specifications. Though there are plenty of brand that are introduced by these brands every now and then, the models LG Q6 and Lenovo K8 Note have garnered widespread reach and attention in the market.

LG Q6 

This model is known to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor and hence one can be sure that is capable of delivering power packed performance. It is also supported by Android Nougat and comes with 4 GB RAM. The best thing about the model is that it facilitates multitasking and running several features at the same time. It also facilitates storing all videos, data, music, movie files and other such things in its in-built 64GB ROM. Since, it facilitates storage of large amount of data and files without causing any issues or hassles; it is highly preferred by all those who want extra storage space to store their valuable photos and videos. People need not have to worry about lack of storage space while taking trip photos and can go on to take how much ever they want.

Lenovo K8 note

  • The Lenovo K8 note model comes with Helio X23 10-core 2.3GHz processor which runs smoothly without any hassles and delivers exceptional kind of performance.
  • It also comes with a 4 GB RAM and 4G dual SIM facility.
  • With a 5.5 inch HD screen, it is able to add life to all the photos and videos taken in the smart phone.
  • The 13MP Primary Sensor front shooter enables capturing best kind of selfies and comes with exceptional features like 5MP Depth sensor with Dual LED Flash guarantees excellent output overall.
  • The 1080 Full HD Display ensures bringing the best out of any shot or video.
  • It has 64GB storage space that facilitates storing important data, videos, photos, files and others with absolute ease and convenience.

You need not have to worry about lack of storage space or automatic deletion of important files due to lack of space. In fact, there will not be a need to use extra memory card as this itself would be sufficient to store as much data as one wants. Many people prefer to buy Lenovo K8 note model as it comes with an exceptional combination of performance and sturdiness.