Five Reasons to Have a Backup File for your Website Data

You have probably heard a lot about having an external hard drive backup. Knowing that you have lost your precious files forever because you don’t have a backup could be your worst nightmare. This also holds true for websites. Website threats are real and backing up your site helps safeguard against such threats. Below are some of the reasons you need to backup your e-commerce website:

Update Issues

Although you need to update your site regularly, sometimes it may not go as planned. When you use the best ecommerce website builder, your site has several components that include themes, plugins, back-end programming, and software. An update that goes wrong can take your entire site offline for an unpredictable period of time.

Computer Troubles

If you are like other website owners, you may want to store important website files on your computer. However, what if your computer crashes for good or gets lost? Computer catastrophes like these mean you lose your files with it. Having a remote backup of your files is a practical option in case you encounter these issues.

Website Hacking

Once your website is online, there is a chance it can be the next victim of hackers. These notorious individuals are looking to steal important information like credit card numbers, customer information, and other sensitive information. Securing your site and having a backup ensures you have a copy of your site data and can start again more easily if you cannot recover your site from the hackers. You don’t want to risk losing everything when a single attack happens

Viruses and Malware

There are a lot of ways viruses and malware can get into your site. You may be able to download these threats unknowingly with a plugin or theme or they can slip through your firewall crack. Having backup files makes you prepared for this kind of possibilities.

Unexpected Errors

One day, you may log into your site and be greeted with a surprising error page. No matter how many times you try, you still see the same error. Then, you realize something has gone wrong. Fortunately, if you have a backup of everything in your site, this kind of error won’t have to make your worry. You can be sure you don’t lose your website data.

Moreover, human error can also happen and you want to protect your operation against this kind of error. It can occur when an employee or contractor clicks a wrong button or delete important files unintentionally. If you have a backup, human errors should not mess up your operations.