Instagram for Musicians: How to Look and Sound Great

Instagram has always been a great platform for artists, particularly musicians, but now with the addition of video and the Instagram “story,” there has never been a better opportunity to utilise Instagram as a musician. While Instagram used to be just a place for photos, now there is audio. Thus, as a musician, you have the opportunity to share your talent with the world like never before.

Whether you’re a guitar player, a singer, or a producer, there’s a place for you on Instagram. You might not realise that Instagram isn’t just a fun place to post cool riffs and beats; it’s a powerful marketing tool that you need to be using in order to get discovered.

If you’re going to market yourself on Instagram, there are a few things you still need to know. People are looking for great content, and you need to provide it for them in order to get your account followed by a lot of people. But you also need to understand what kind of content to post.

Once you establish a good profile on Instagram, the rest will follow, and it’s important to consider the fact that these things take time, although there are definitely ways to fast track this process.

Create a Blend of Content

People probably follow you because they want to hear your music, but people also like to follow people who are generally enjoyable. That means that maybe not every single one of your posts should be related to music. Non-musicians can appreciate the final product, but might get bored if you’re laboriously documenting your entire creative process. This means you should post stuff not related to music as well in order to appease all of your followers, not just your friends who are musicians.

The same principle should be applied when it comes to photos, videos, and stories. It’s important to mix it up; photos typically get the most likes, followed by videos, and stories usually just get views. Post photos regularly, and make sure they look great. Videos should be of your music, and stories should be casual, fun, and be about anything you want.


Increase Your Social Media Presence

Your next step toward becoming successful on Instagram is to get followers. If you have an account with very few followers, it can be very difficult to get traction, especially at first. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. You can actually buy Instagram followers that will follow your account and build up your social media following for a small fee.

In order to get started on purchasing followers, you’ll need to look online to find the company that sells real followers so you can increase your number of followers. Once you purchase a good amount, people will begin to take notice in your account, and will most likely follow you simply because everyone else does.

All of this coupled with good content about you and your music, a blend of media that includes photos, videos, and stories, and a substantial follower base will help you on your way to becoming successful on Instagram