Major differences between UGC & AICTE approved colleges!

UGC and AICTE are two major apex organisations, which have a role to cater for the higher studies in India. The main difference between the (UGC) and the AICTE is that the later one generally deals with the technical education.

Know about UGC and AICTE:

When talking about UGC, it is the apex body which approves the universities in the country or in India. UGC provide funds for affiliated universities and colleges in the nation. UGC also conducts examination, known as NET, for appointing various teachers in colleges or educational institute. The headquarters of UGC is located in New Delhi, and there are six regional offices located at Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhopal and Bangalore. You will get many aicte approved colleges but there are many colleges that areaicte approval cancelled collegesas well.

AICTE is only a statutory body, deals with co-ordinated development and for proper planning of technical education system in the India.

Establishment of AICTE:

AICTE was established in November 1945, the headquarters of this body is in New Delhi. On the other side the UGC were established in the year 1956 and as a statutory body of the Union Government in India. However, Technical institutions are overlooked by AICTE, the other universities and colleges falls under UGC.Aicte doesn’t give approval to all colleges. Many colleges send their college approval to AICTE for the affiliation and approval but more than 600 colleges were rejected and cancelled by this body. Aicte approval cancelled colleges are usually those colleges that don’t meet the eligibility and standards of AICTE.

Function of UGC:

When talking about the various functionality of the University Grants Commission, the UGC ACT explain that the primary function is to check the financial needs or requirements of the universities, then allocates and disburses grants to universities. Well, other academic function comes after these functions. Whereas, the AICTE act gives priority to undertake survey in various fields of technical education at all levels and stages. The funds’ allocations or disbursement comes second to this.

Another difference which may be seen is that UGC is free to doing whatever it likes, but AICTE is not so free from the intervention of the (HRD) Human Resources Development Ministry.

Emerging field- engineering

The functional utilization of math and science to tackle problems is popularly known as engineering. It’s all over the place in your general surroundings. In usual terms engineers make reasonable answers and regularly making something totally new.Engineers are issue solvers who need to make things work more productively and rapidly. Earlier engineering was limited to buildings and vehicles.But now engineering is recognized as a practice that opens up circumstances, makes innovation and items that make lives less demanding.

Always in trend

Engineering is a stream, which can never leave the pattern. As the world, economy is developing so the need of designers is expanding. There are such a large number of schools and colleges set up, to furnish with the right education.

Utilize your creativity at its best:

Engineering permits you to make utilization of your creativity. You will be sufficiently blessed to manage and take care of the issues by making utilization of both merged and unique considering. You will have the chance to imagine, make, find, investigate and address. You can go for engineering easily and can learn various techniques and tactics to clear the examination. You should always choose those colleges that are approved by UGC and AICTE. When you take admission in any engineering college then make sure its affiliation is not violated.